Data Acquisition Module

Integrate physiological/ analogue signals from other sources with your moorVMS system with the 8 channel moorVMS-DAQ module.

The moorVMS-DAQ data acquisition module, together with moorVMS-PC software provides a simple, convenient and low cost solution to integrating other physiological analogue signals (e.g. temperature, heart rate, pain scores etc) with your moorVMS software. The module offers 8 input channels as standard, split between front and rear panels to aid tidy connections and short wiring runs. External signals are integrated seamlessly alongside blood flow, tissue oxygenation traces allowing time matched traces from all your data sources. Statistical analysis of the analogue inputs is automatic and displayed alongside the analysis of blood flow, tissue oxygenation signals. In addition incoming and outgoing triggers are enabled allowing full synchronisation of other systems with moorVMS-PC.

Connections; connect the moorVMS-DAQ to your PC with a USB cable (supplied). The moorVMS-PC software will automatically detect the presence of the acquisition module and enable monitoring and display configuration automatically. Input connections are through high quality, industry standard BNC connectors, which accept a voltage input range of +/-10 Volts.

Digital Triggering; use triggering to start moorVMS measurements automatically, add trace markers (with the digital input channel) or to start other devices automatically (with the digital output function). Both triggering channels use high quality, industry standard BNC connectors.