Laser Doppler Imager

The moorLDI2™ imagers are able to map tissue blood flow over areas from 5cm x 5cm up to 50cm x 50cm with 256 x 256 pixel resolution; – each pixel being an actual measurement. At high scan rates, over 64,000 measurements are made in less than 5 minutes.

The imagers are suitable for a wide range of clinical and research investigations and measurement of blood flow in the microcirculation. The moorLDI2™ range features a CCD camera which produces a colour image of the scanned area, making the positioning and comparison of images easier. The moorLDI2-HR™ highest resolution version is available with resolution to 100 microns.

The moorLDI2™ laser Doppler blood perfusion imagers use a near infra-red laser beam (785nm in the standard moorLDI2-IR™ imager) or a visible red 633nm laser beam (moorLDI2-VR™ imager). In the moorLDI2-2λ™ dual wavelength system 633 and 830nm lasers are combined to allow simultaneous imaging with the two wavelengths.