High Resolution Laser Doppler Imager

The moorLDI2-HR™ is suitable for a wide range of research and clinical investigations, more typically where smaller areas are under investigation. The system features unique focused optics to provide 100 micron pixel size and 256 x 256 pixel resolution for high resolution blood flow images.

The 256 x 256 resolution tissue blood flow image can be applied to areas ranging from just 2.5cm x 2.5cm up to 25cm x 25cm. with scan times typically less than 5 minutes. 632.8nm or 830nm laser wavelengths can be specified, with the 830nm allowing for a deeper measurement depth, optimal for specific applications.

Highly refined image measurement and analysis software allows for flexibility in measurement set up and comprehensive analysis functions. The moorLDI2-HR™ features a colour photo image of the scanned area and automatic distance measurement, making the positioning and comparison of images easier.